Poznań, a modern European metropolis with a 1000-year-old history, is well worth visiting. In order to become acquainted with the city’s atmosphere one simply has to come here. In Poznań, we know how to take advantage of life and make our dreams and expectations come true, because here even the most ambitious ventures have huge chances of success


In Poznań, tradition and culture are complemented by modernity. We start our walk in Poznan from the roots, that is at Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) with the remarkable Basilica whose history goes back to the very origins of Polish Christianity in the 10th century. Close to Ostrów Tumski lies the Old Market Square with the Renaissance Town Hall, the symbol of Poznań, in the centre. It is one of the most beautiful town halls in the world, famous for its clockwork goats that appear in front of residents and visitors every day at noon.

The cultural face of our city can boast of a variety of proposals ranging from classics to the latest global trends. Poznań abounds in galleries, museums, clubs and cultural centers. A true gem here is the Stary Browar (‘Old Brewery‘) Centre of Commerce, Art and Business, world-renowned and appreciated artistic basin of projects in the field of modern art, dance and design. In comparison to other Polish cities, Poznań distinguishes itself with the catalogue of cultural events organized at world’s highest level and successful ventures representing a broad spectrum of artistic activity. For years the real flagship of the city has been the Malta International Theatre festival, a celebration of open-air and street theatre which attracts thousands of artists and enthusiasts to Poznań.

Poznań is a city of young and very active people, which makes its climate very agreeable.  140,000  young  people  study  at  26  higher  education  establishments, which  makes  every  fourth  person,  met  in  Poznań  a  student.  Poznań owes its amazing atmosphere on the streets, fresh ideas and reserves of enthusiasm that enables the execution of innovative scientific projects, interesting artistic, sports and entertainment actions to its young people.

Poznań is also a city of great sporting emotions.  Poznań  inhabitants  are  well acquainted with massive sports events, for instance last year Poznań hosted European Football Championship - UEFA EURO 2012, ATP International Tennis Tournament, GAC World Tour in table tennis, ICF Canoe Polo World Championships and International show jumping competition.For many years Poznań has hosted the biggest marathon event in our country, and the Malta Regatta Course regularly stages large international events in water sports (rowing, canoeing, and triathlon).

Welcome to Poznań, where history, tradition, culture, sports, business and modernity mark the rhythm of life in this extraordinary city.